Mine Fireworks

Firework displays can be pretty, beautiful, even verging on elegant. But sometimes you just want sheer firepower loud fireworks and that's what you get with mines.

These aren't fireworks for shrinking violets: they go up to 120 decibels. With this type of power, you don't just see and hear the effects of the explosion, you actually feel the vibrations.

With the supreme power of a mine, it's particularly important you carefully read and follow the safety instructions, making sure the firework is firmly strapped between two pegs before you light it. As with many of our fireworks, you must stand back at least 25 metres after lighting a mine... and even further if you have a nervous disposition.

If you want to make a big impact, try out our Ultimate Fear, which is the loudest legal firework you'll find in the UK. If you want to make the biggest impact, try the Assassin box, which features nine separate mines combining almost a kilogram of pure explosive power!