Nemesis Rocket Pack From Ghengis Fireworks

Nemesis Rockets

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Nemesis Big Rockets pack of 4 big rockets with different effect from the 140g of powder in each one gives it a burst of over 25m watch our firework videos.


Nemesis Big Rockets

Nemesis Big Rockets pack has 4 rockets each one having 140 grammes of powder inside. Giving you a total of 560 grammes of powder inside the Pyro Mesh cage making it 1.4G. So we can mail order them to your door. These big rockets will reach heights well over 160 ft and then give you a burst of about 80ft wide. Nemesis Rockets are not for the faint-hearted they are for the real party animal and pyro enthusiast. There are 4 different effects and these rockets would be great to finish the evening off with a bang as they are very loud. There is a launching tube inside every cage. And don’t forget to take the RED or ORANGE spigot off the bottom of the rocket to uncover the fuse. Once you light the fuse you have about 7 seconds to move away from it before it takes off into the night sky.

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