Ghengis Fireworks New Cobra Firing System

Over the past few years, we have been doing more and more firework displays for various events and occasions.

 We started out hand firing all our shows which we still love to do but for the more technical firework displays and pyro-musical displays (fireworks in time with the music)

So we tried out a few and was very undecided until we come across the Cobra Firing System this was everything we wanted simple and easy to use, and setup its also very well build and very hardy so we knew it would be safe in our hands.

Most of all we had heard amazing things about the people behind the Cobra System’s and read rave reviews from other pyrotechnicians that have used it and loved it.

So after a lengthy discussion with the Ghengis team, we decided to go ahead and place an order.

It’s like Christmas has come early here in the Ghengis Fireworks offices as we have just taken delivery of our brand spanking new Cobra Firing System from the USA.

Our New Cobra Firing System

our brand new Cobra firing system for our firework displays

Rather than just show you pictures of the kit we thought it would be a god idea to break down each piece of equipment and give you some information and the tech specs of them, so you can get a better idea of what they are and why we use them.

18R2 Pro Remote 


First up we have the Cobra 18R2 Pro Remote this bad boy is a critical bit of kit for firing firework displays remotely, it’s the main handheld controller that fires the cued up fireworks.


It has some great features such as:


Firing Memory – this tells you what cues have been fired and which ones have not.

Rapid Manual Fire – Quick fingers? Use this mode to fire cues as fast as you can press the button, and you can even fire more than one cue at a time.

Scripted Firing –  this mode supports automated pre-scripted shows so you can press a button and watch the whole show fire automatically.

Audio Box Integration –  this syncs up with the Cobra Audio Box (which we will talk about later) a wireless audio player perfect for pyro musical firework displays.

Number of Channels  – 100

Max Number of Unique Cues – 1,800

Manual Firing Speed – Unlimited

Power – 3 x AA, 7+ hours active operation


  • FCC CE, IC certified
  • 2.40GHz Spread Spectrum
  • IEEE Mac Address / Encrypted Data
  • +5dBm 8.5″ Rubber Duck Antenna


  • 500m+ Line of Site
  • 1,500m+ w/ Signal Accessories


  • Manual Firing
  • Basic STEP Firing
  • Fixed Delay AUTO-FIRE
  • Rapid / Multi-cue Manual Firing
  • Firing Memory
  • Module Counts
  • STEP Scripting
  • Timed Event Scripting
  • Audio Box Support
  • Deadman Support
  • Control Panel Support
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Module Continuity Checks
  • Module Signal Strength Checks
  • Module Low Battery Warnings

 We don’t want to go on to much and bore you to death on with a huge lengthy post on ghengis fireworks blog so we have broken this down this blog post about the cobra firing system into three parts you can find the rest of the parts in the links below.