Cobra Firing System Part Three

The third and final part of our Cobra firing system blog series and we are sure you all know what’s going on but just in case were do a brief recap.

The first part was talking about the 18R2 Pro Handheld firing system, and for the second part, we covered the 18M wireless firing modules and the Cobra audio box.

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In this Ghengis Fireworks Post, we will be going over the Cobra 18S Regular Sized Slats and the little 2.5-watt signal booster that packs a lot of punch.

18S Regular Sized Slats

The 18S Regular sized slats are an external extender strip for the 18M that let you expand the number of cues on your 18M wireless firing module.

To use these slats you need the following equipment:

  • DB25 Cable one per 18S Slat
  • Slat connector for the 18M one per module
  • Series or parallel slat

All the cables we go from Cobra are really robust and hardy so we know there built to last a long time.

Cobra tells us their cables contain stranded copper and aluminium shielding for that outdoor protection from the elements.

Since we were going to be firing our firework displays using professional e-match Cobra advised us to get these 18s slats as we can then expand the 18M buy up to 10 times which really helps when your firing multiple shells and barrages.

If we were going to use the Talon Clips then they advised us to use the 18S Parallel slates.

Dimensions with Connectors

18S Series Slat 12″ x 4″ (30.4cm x 10.2cm)
18S Mini Series Slat 9.25″ x 3.37″ (23.4cm x 8.5cm)
18S Parallel Slat 13.25″ x 4.5″ (33.6xm x 11.4cm)
18S Mini Parallel Slat 9.25″ x 3.37″ (23.4cm x 8.5cm)

Dimensions without Connectors


18S Series Slat 11.5″ x 4″ (29.2cm x 10.2cm)
18S Mini Series Slat 8.75″ x 3.37″ (22.2cm x 8.5cm)
18S Parallel Slat 13″ x 4.5″ (33cm x 11.4cm)
18S Mini Parallel Slat 8.75″ x 3.37″ (22.2cm x 8.5cm)

2.5 Watt Signal Booster

This simple looking device is the 2.5-watt signal booster and its actually a really handy piece of kit to have.

It amplifies the signal between the 18R2 Pro wireless handset and the 18M wireless Firing Module.

ghengis fireworks new signal booster for firework displays

We are all so pleased with our new firing system here are Ghengis Fireworks be sure to check out the blog again soon as we will be posting up some test videos shot with drones to exactly what the cobra system is all about.

Thanks for reading and if you missed the first two parts of this blog post please follow the links below.