By now you have probably gathered that we have a new firing system from Cobra and are breaking down the contents of it all for you.

In the first part of this blog post went over the 18r2 Pro handheld controller in this part were going up write some information about the 18M Firing Module and the Cobra Audio Box we will also list some technical specs for each item as well.

18M Firing Modules

First of all, we have 8 of these 18M Firing modules, they are very rugged and come fitted inside a hard armoured case that is shock proof.

This little beauty is compact and very easy to setup and is an 18-cue firing module that functions and connects with the 18R2 Pro wirlessly it can be used in both indoor and outdoor firework displays.

Each cue 18A at 6A  firing up to 10 series wired e-matches or Talon brand ignitor clips or 4 parallel wired e-matches.

And each 18M firing module can be set to any of the 100 channels by pressing the + or – Buttons that are on the module.

Using it with the 18R2 Pro you can fire any modules on the same channel and you can also fire an unlimited number of modules at the same time by setting them to the same channel.

Now that’s a cool piece of kit!

Number of Cues – 18


Firing Accuracy – 1/100th of a second


Power Options:

Type Active Sleep
3 x 9V 8 hrs. 20 hrs.
14.8V LiPo 12 hrs. 30 hrs.
12-24V External Input No No


On Board Connectors – Mini Speaker Terminals


Slats Supported – 18S Series & Parallel

The 18M has Three different Power options to choose from a 9V replaceable battery, an internal 14.8V rechargeable LiPo battery or it can use the 12-24 external power input.


You can view the different amount of E-match and Talons you can fire with each setup.

  Series ( e-match only) Parallel (e-match or talons)
9V 10 4
14.8V LiPo 10 8
12V External 8 12
18.5V External 14 12
24V External 20 12

Cobra Audio Box

This little thing is awesome it’s a stand alone wireless audio playing device to make music perfectly synch with your 18M  firing modules.

Perfect for weddings firework displays and birthday celebrations and things like that the possibilities are endless and so are your music choices.

Its pretty much a plug and play device that loads a script.

It is also wireless as well and has an impressive range of 1500ft just like the 18M and is also housed in a solid plastic armoured case.

It can also sync with 3rd party firing systems to add the 18M firing modules. 

Here ends part two of our firing system post but do not forget there is still one more part to go. in the next part we will talk about the 18s Regular Sized Slats and the 25 Watt Cobra Singal Booster.

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