facebook and fireworks buy fireworks on facebook


The Geeks here at Ghengis Fireworks have been working hard over the last few months to make buying fireworks even easier for you.

They have come up with the genius idea of integrating our firework shop with Facebook, We know most people now day’s use it or have friends and family that use Facebook,

so why not make it possible to buy our fireworks directly through there with none of the hassle of ordering off the website or visiting our shop

So that’s what we did now all our loyal Facebook firework fans and all the other Facebook lovers out there can simply click on the Buy Fireworks Now button on the right hand side of our Ghengis page and see our whole range of products for sale  you can even watch the videos for each firework there as well.

After you found the product you want just added them to cart and make payment and then Ghengis geeks will work there magic and get your order sorted just as if you were in one of our shops or buying from our website it really is simple and you never have to leave Facebook 🙂

If you not sure were to look or find the button we have taken some screenshots below to help you out

buying fireworks on our facebook page