fireworks and pets saftey information and how to keep the calm

Being a dog and cat owner myself, I can appreciate they don’t mix well with fireworks. I’ve always tried to introduce them to fireworks as soon as I can, but it’s not always practical. My alternative method is to get them used to sounds of fireworks in a safe controlled environment. Below is the method I use to easing my pets into the fireworks season.

My Method

If your pet suffers and gets anxious at the sound of fireworks or any other loud noises, this technique can help calm them down. The process below introduces sounds produced by fireworks into their daily life.

If your pet gets distressed in anyway during this process, first try turning down the volume. If that doesn’t work, stop. This doesn’t work for all pets, but it is worth trying.

Firework Sounds File downloads

We have provided two free firework MP3 files to help you get your pet ready for fireworks. The first MP3 file is single shots and the second contains longer louder multi-shot fireworks.

To play the files

You can download the files and burn them on to CD or play them through your MP3 player. Here are some instructions on how to burn them on to CD.

The Process

 Day 1 to 3

Play track 1 initially at a low volume and gradually turn it up until your pet takes interest. Now play the file on a loop for 10 minutes. Do this 3 to 4 times a day. If your pet gets anxious, lower the volume until they become settled.

Day 4 – 7

Extend the amount of time you play Track 1 to 20 minutes, again do this 3 to 4 times a day. Over these 4 days slightly increase the volume so that it is no longer background noise.

Day 8 to 11

Fireworks don’t generally go off during the day, so you now need to start playing them in the evening only – we suggest between 6pm and 11pm.

Shut the curtains, turn on the TV or play some music. Don’t change your routine; the aim is to make the noise of fireworks a familiar sound.

We would recommend you play the track a random times and at the same volume as the previous days. During this period you want to gradually increasing the volume, so that by day 14 it will play quite loud. If this isn’t the case continue on until you can.

You could even try playing the track louder in a different room.

Day 11 Onwards

If you pet is ready, move on to Track 2. Track 2’s sounds contain a lot more continuous bass. Repeat the previous exercise day 8 to 11.

The Big Night

Ideally on the day you want to play track 1 on a loop as a low background noise for most of the day and in the evening turn the volume up. The volume needs to be up enough to mask/blend with the real fireworks going off outside.

Good Luck

This is process will test your sanity, but hopefully at the end of it your pet won’t be stressed out.