New fireworks and big rockets sky hawk rocket pack


We have several new firework rockets coming in this year and lots more new fireworks coming in next year but we thought we would kick off the new product showcase with our brand new rockets we all love them and there staple for any firework fanatic.

This year we have 3 new rockets for you to light up the sky with they are SKY HAWKS, SKULL ROCKETS & last but by no means least HALO BALL ROCKETS

You can order all these rockets right now by clicking on there names above or clicking here or if you like a little more info then read on and watch the videos below.


Our brand new Sky Hawk Rockets are badass there very loud and have some great effects: Brocade to Purple Stars Brocade, Green Star Bursts, Golden Willow With Red Stars and Golden Willow With Blue Stars and Golden Willow to Crackles. This Sky Hawk Rocket Pack won’t disappoint with 5 rockets in each pack your sure to have a blast.

You may also have heard these go by the name of War Hawks & Air Hawks Rockets.

amazing and loud these sky hawk rockets are a must have


Were really excited about these Skull Rockets here at Ghengis Firework they look great and are the perfect addition to your Halloween or November 5th fireworks displays.

The kids and grown ups alike will love these not only do they look great but when they shoot up in the sky they burst with some brilliant effects and a bone shaking

loud boom at the end,  What more could you want!

big loud and scary halloween skull rockets from ghengis fireworks in chatham kent


The Halo Ball Rocket is a great firework and when fired creates a beautiful bright ring or halo effect in the sky (think of the Olympic rings) with a very loud bang to finish it off,

There pretty much a professional shell firework mounted on top of a stick and the effect that it gives off are very powerful and not to be missed.

If you looking for something to impress the neighbours or family then this is highly recommended it will certainly turn heads.

halo ball rockets are massive a definate crowd please buy fireworks online at ghengis fireworks

You can order any of these fireworks right now by clicking here or on there names above.

Also keep an eye out for our other new fireworks coming up in the blog soon.