brand new fireworks for 2016 from ghengis fireworks in kent


We have two new fireworks, Mines that you can pre-order right now they are called Thunder King & Shock Wave

both fireworks are extremely loud and are sure to annoy the neighbours and give all your friends and family that wow factor.

Thunder King

Thunder King is a 4″ Ground Mine and goes with an almighty boom. We hope you remember our legendary Ultimate Fear ground mine then think of this as its big brother or Ultimate Fear 2.0 we have improved the design and made it much louder, to really feel the full effects you need to see it in action and feel the boom rattle your bones.

You can watch the video below and pre-order it here

thunder king super loud fireworks mine from ghengis fireworks


Shock Wave is a show stopper this beast of a firework is probably the loudest firework in the UK ringing out 120db it’s certainly not for the feint hearted.

If your looking for a firework that is completely different and a really loud then look no further it will send shock waves of loud noises ripping through the air that will leave all stunned and amazed it won’t disappoint we promise you that!

loudest firework in the uk shock wave is 16 shots of pure madness