ghengis fireworks how to video setting up a firework cake for a firework display

Setting up your cake firework

First, use the club hammer to bang the stake securely into the ground where you want to set up your cake.

Place the cake inside the plastic bag. Close the top of the bag, wrap any excess around the firework and seal it shut with duct tape. The plastic bag prevents the cake getting wet in case of rain, mist, dew or simply from moisture from the air or ground. Hold the cake against the stake and then tape it to it using the duct tape. Ensure that you wrap the tape all the way around the cake and stake several times. This prevents the cake from moving or falling over when it is fired.


You will Need

  1. Stake of wood
  2. Club hammer
  3. Duct tape
  4. Plastic bag
  5. Your cake firework


Firing the cake

When it’s time to fire the cake, later in the evening, simply tear off the top of the plastic bag. Pop the fuse through the top of the cake and light it. Approximately seven seconds later, your cake will fire.


The firework code

Always remember the firework code. Have a look through our Firework Safety Page before you fire any fireworks.