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A massive firework explosion has killed 14 people and injured at least 20 more.

At a firework warehouse was housing the fireworks for an upcoming religious festival on May 15th where the fireworks were going to be used.

The blast happened about 170miles or 270 kilometres outside of Mexico City in a small rural village called San Isidro in the Central Pueblo State.

Out of the 14 people that died at least 11 of them are believed to be minors, most of them were believed to have been killed when the building collapsed.

Police and army officials have no cordoned off the scene and are investigation the explosion while ambulance crews removed the deceased.

Accidents involving fireworks and the manufacturing of fireworks are very common in Mexico.

last year alone 42 people died, and 70 people were seriously injured in a massive explosion when one of Mexicos largest firework markets in Tultepec when up just outside Mexico City.


Fireworks are very dangerous and should be treated with care all the time, there are simple rules to follow when using fireworks that will keep you and your family safe. You can read all about firework safety and watch our videos by clicking this link.

Here is footage of the fireworks explosion in Tultepec

Health and safety is a big issue when it comes to fireworks, and there storage.

And in such a huge market it must be hard for the local officials to keep track of everything.

You can find out more information this and the other explosion in Mexico here.

Ghengis Fireworks is saddened to hear about this tragedy, and our thoughts go out to all the people affected by it.

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