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Well after a long time off since our last fireworks news were back and promise to give you the latest and greatest firework related news on the planet, so sit back relax and take it all in.

We have been busy here at Ghengis Fireworks over the past few months designing and getting all our new products sorted
for the upcoming firework season, and were more than confident that you are going to love all our new products.

Just a few of the new things coming in a Big Chrome Rockets, Compound Cakes, Mines and Fountains.

We will update you with more info on all our brand new fireworks closer to their release date.




A fireworks factory in Portugal 62 miles east of Porto in Fatal Explosion.

Nearly 100 firefighters and paramedics attended the scene, seven people have died, and another two are still missing after a massive explosion ripped through the firework factory the blast was so intense that some of the body that were recovered have been found outside of the factory due to the velocity of the explosion.

The firework factory was a family run business as the investigators tried to identify the bodies the local mayor said that almost all of the victims of the blast had been members of the Egas Sequeira’s family.



Everyone here at Ghengis Fireworks is saddened to hear about the lives lost in this accident and wish to send our deepest condolences to everyone affected by these terrible events.