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battle of medway fireworks and news

We must say the weather this week has been outstanding and is great for fireworks the clear night skies with a slight breeze make for great firework display setting. thus being said we said some great fireworks over the river Medway Saturday evening read the full article below.


Thousands of people lined the banks of the river Medway Saturday evening to watch the spectacular firework display being put on to end the commemorations of the Battle of Medway Celebrations.

It Marked the end of the 10-day festival held in and around Chatham Maritime and Medway marking a key part of the area’s history.

The fireworks and huge screens aimed to dramatically relive the Battle of Medway when Dutch ships launched a surprise attack on the English Naval fleet moored at Chatham Dockside 350 years ago.

The Raid and Fires Led to huge investments in new ship a dockyard improvements laying the foundation for our British Naval fleet to rule the waves for the next 200 years.

Newington Firework company Fined £12,000

An unlicensed company which stored fireworks in a very dangerous way has been fined £12,000 by Medway magistrates court.

The Company trading as Sparkles Fireworks, Hardy and Hardy Ltd based in High Street Newington, set up a shop at a garden center in Maidstone selling fireworks without being registered.

they were storing fireworks on the shop floor next to bottles of bio ethanol fuel also loose fireworks were found strewn around the workshop and storeroom.

This same company also owned a storage container in Sittingbourne  that had a storage licence for 25kg of NEC but were found to be storing over 30kg of NEC, they also had a van parked nearby containing a further 45kg of NEC this is also a breach of the rules and fireworks are only allowed to be stored in vehicles during transport.

Medway Magistrates ruled that the company fell far short of the appropriate standards and was fined £12,000 due to the fact of the early guilty plea and no previous convictions.

This concludes another Firework News Of The Week we hope you enjoyed the read any comments or suggestions please let us know.

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