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Firework News Of The Week


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An illegal firework retailer has been sentenced in bury after being found to be storing and selling fireworks without a license.

The Court heard how an off duty fire safety officer drove past his shop that had a banner advertising fireworks for sale,  after further checks the fire safety officer realized that the premises did not have a license to store fireworks, on inspection of the premises they found boxes of fireworks and he owner has no safety precautions or risk assessments or paper work for the officers.

the court said that he had not only put the public and his staff in danger but also the fire officers and this was a serious matter, Robert Phelps 31 has been sentenced to 18 weeks and ordered to pay £500 in costs and £80 in Victim Support and also has to serve 500 hours of unpaid community service.


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That’s it for this Firework News Of The Week its been a short one but its getting to that time of the season and were ever more

busy… but have no fear we will be back next week for some more Firework New Of The Week.