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That’s right folks its time for another edition of Firework news of the week.

Firework season is fast approaching and were all buckled up ready for the busy times ahead there’s a lot going on in the pyro world here’s just a quick snippet of what’s been happening in the crazy world of fireworks.

Cornwall Is Crowdfunding For Fireworks

The people of Cornwall are being asked to pull together to light up sky at Heartlands with fireworks, the popular attraction in Poole is set to put on its 5th bonfire & fireworks night but this year they have decided to do things a little bit differently and set up a crowd funding page to help with costs and keep the event free for every to come and watch.

last years donations from the over 8,000 attending resulted in as little as 20p per person and this year they thought it would be a good idea to try and crown fund this year’s event.

let’s hope they reach their target if you would like to know more about their crowdfunding or would like to donate you can find their page HERE

Here is a video of last years display at Heartlands

Charleston panel approves fireworks restrictions

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A bill that would heavily restrict firework displays in Charleston, USA will advance to the city council week for a final vote.

If passed the bill would heavily restrict displays in Charleston to only 4 days per year, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day & New Year’s Eve it would also restrict the time that they would be allowed to be set off between the hours 11am – 11pm with the exception of New Year’s Eve which would see enthusiast allowed to let fireworks off untill 1am.

This is really a sad situations and if passed i could see a lot of states in the US following suite i hope it doesn’t get passed there are so many more occasions that fireworks are great for any help people celebrate… for weddings, for Funerals & memorials birthdays, anniversaries, graduations that’s just a few the list is huge but due to idiots messing around or people using illegal fireworks these type of bills and legislation get passed its a very sad thing to see

Thanks for reading we will see you again next week for more firework news of the week