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Welcome and thanks for checking the first edition of  Firework News Of The Week your weekly guide to everything firework and pyro related!

We will be bringing you all the best and worst firework news from around the world from firework displays to consumer products and lots lots more

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The British Firework Championships

As you may or may not know The British Firework Championships is a yearly event in Plymouth were 6 firework company put on displays over two days and try to out do each other and be crowned British Firework Champions, It’s a spectacular couple of days and best of all it’s free to the public. and this years event was no exception there was some amazing pyrotechnics on show and all the teams done amazingly well but as ever there can only be one champion and this year the crown went to Gala Fireworks ( Who Fired On Night 2, Display 3) Congratulations on the win and the great displays the colours and effects were spot on!

Firework Thrown Through Window in South Belfast


A brick was used to smash the window then the firework was thrown in luckily no one was injured when the firework went off

The house had minor smoke damage from the firework and the police have taken the

firework away for forensic testing.

There is no motive yet known for the attack.

It saddens me to see stories like this as the reckless people that do this type of thing have no idea how dangerous fireworks are and how they are ruining fireworks for every other person! this is why year after year there are tighter restrictions & regulation on fireworks and the sale of fireworks.

please be safe when using fireworks and never use them recklessly.

Newbury Fireworks Display Cancelled


Unfortunately this year’s Popular firework display at The Lions Club Newbury has been cancelled due to traffic management issues.

This is due to last years mayhem with people abandoning their cars after major traffic problems in the area.

The venu has said there volunteer staff would not be able to safely manage the display this year,  But they hope the firework display will be back

on again for next year.

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