ghengis fireworks is there a firework shortage in the uk

UK Fireworks Shortage from the Chinese fireworks factories. Don’t forget to order your fireworks early and we have lots of loud fireworks for sale.

The fact that one of the biggest firework factories in China was shut down for three months. Has led to many people in the industry saying that there will be a worldwide shortage. Not good news for the UK market, with Bonfire Night fast approaching.

But it is not the first time that such forecasts have been made. And have ultimately proved not as bad as first feared; this said, however.

It’s probably wise to get hold of fireworks now, just in case!

It was a similar scenario to this year’s Olympics in Brazil when scare story after scare story was published warning that there was no way all the building work would be finished in time for the opening ceremony. But, of course, it was, and the Games proved to be highly successful.

Mention of the Olympics brings back memories of 2008. There was a fear then that there would be a significant shortage of fireworks in this country, which imports 80 percent of its stock from China.

First of all 15,000 crates of fireworks exploded, then the Chinese shut down factories as it tried to reduce the cloud of pollution hanging over Beijing during the Games there, and it was feared that pyrotechnic displays throughout the world would be severely affected.

However, while it is true that there was an understandable shortage, it was nothing like as major as had been talked about and Independence Day celebrations in America and Bonfire Night parties here in Britain all went ahead with no recognisable adverse effects.

In August last year two explosions at a Chinese fireworks factory killed more than a hundred people, and in response, there was a temporary clampdown by the authorities on the distribution of all dangerous goods.

One of the problems is that there are a limited number of ports that handle hazardous material and because of the explosions that number was reduced, thus exacerbating the situation.

However, as always, it was not long before normal service was resumed.
Whatever happens, it seems, while there may be a temporary shortage, production recovers, sooner rather than later, and there is no reason to doubt that it will be a similar story following the recent factory closure.

It may be that there will be a shortage of fireworks to light up the night sky on November 5;  perhaps not the usual wide range of choice. But there will still be sufficient to enjoy a good display, as you will see if you pop into your local supermarket or even better scour online for a good deal.

Your favourites are still there on display, and there is still time for you to order your rockets, your Roman candles, your sparklers and the rest, to give your family a treat as you ‘remember, remember, the fifth of November‘.
As an alternative, you could always take the option of attending one of the many communal bonfire night celebrations if you cannot obtain what you want.

Whatever happens, you may rest assured that there is no way bonfire night is going to be cancelled because there are insufficient fireworks.

The show must – and will – go on!

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