What is the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is a massive event in the American calendar were people all over the United States celebrate Independence Day no not the film with Will Smith in it where he battles aliens.

Independence day also known as the Fourth of July is the birth of America. On July 4th, 1776 the thirteen colonies of America who were at war with the British Empire won their independence and declared themselves states of a new nation.

The declaration was formed by what is commonly known as the Declaration of Independence which was drafted by founding father, Thomas Jefferson.

The first Independence day celebration took place in Rode Island in 1777 on the one-year anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Thirteen Gunshots were fired in honour of the first thirteen colonies, and this tradition still goes on to this day.

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4th of July Celebrations

The 4th of July is a huge event celebrated by millions of Americans every year, and the national holiday has people across the world celebrating with BBQ’s Parties, parades and is a time where families get together and go on vacation.

The White House puts on a show every year on the south lawn with fireworks and speeches from several politicians.

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Fireworks are one of the main ways to celebrate this 4th, and they are sold in vast quantities all across the USA. If your planning on a 4th of July party of your own then why not order your fireworks from us we can even deliver them to your door.