The Best Big Rockets By Ghengis Fireworks Colossus Rockets


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Colossus big rockets and come in a pack of 2 with different firework effects each one has 180 grams of powder which is near the UK limit, fireworks for sale.



Colossus Big Rocket Pack from Ghengis Fireworks on Vimeo.

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Colossus Big Rockets

Colossus Big Rockets are packing some serious heat! These absolute madmen are packed to the brim with 180g of NEC and come in packs of 2. If you are looking for the perfect mix of the insanely powerful and the eminently impressive. Then look no further as the Colossus Rockets have both in joyful abundance! Soaring to astonishing heights, these fireworks burst to reveal an awe-inspiring, tumescent plume of beautiful colours. They reach a whopping 100 ft spread, far and wide across the night sky.

As a consequence of the sheer firepower of these fireworks, they are packed in our special Pyro Mesh packaging for safety and can be posted to you safely. This is pretty much the upper limit when it comes to legal consumer fireworks in the UK, so practically speaking you ain’t gonna top this!

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These rocket packs are very close to a firework display shell.

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