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Colourful Comets

£23.94 £11.95

Colourful comets 9 rocket pack which are pretty quiet fireworks with lots of glitter and sparkle that won’t upset the kids and neighbours we love fireworks.


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Colourful Comets

Colourful Comets family rocket pack make a cracking addition to any firework display. For one great, affordable price you get 9 individual rockets of high flying fun! These small rockets fly up to 100 ft in the air before bursting in the sky before your eyes, making them fantastic. Firework displays are only complete when they have rockets.

These are ideal for young children’s show, as they are packed full of all the sparkle, glitter and fabulousness. Meaning that they make the perfect selection for a children’s birthday party, religious rite of passage or family holiday celebration. As the Colourful Comets are suitable for practically any size garden from large to small and can be worked into any size fireworks display, they will make a great addition to your show no matter how large or small.

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If you want a family rocket pack then these will be great for you.

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