Stealth High Power Rockets From Ghengis Fireworks In Chatham Kent


£95.99 £39.95

Stealth big rockets pack of 2 x 180g big rockets with amazing effects like you would see at a big fireworks display with busts over 100ft wide.


Stealth Big Rocket Firework Pack from Ghengis Fireworks on Vimeo.

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Stealth big rockets pack of 2 big rockets with 180g of powder in each one. The effects in each of these rockets are very different with a spread of well of 100ft from each one.

One of these big rockets has a gold crown brocade and finishes with red strobes and the second rocket has red strobes, blue dahlia and finishing with a silver palm tree pistil.

If you want the big burst you see at a proper firework display, then these are what you need.

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