Round Table Big Catherine Wheels Quiet Fireworks For Sale Online

Round Table

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Round Table is a big Catherine wheel with pretty effects these are quiet fireworks for sale, if you lubricate the nail it will help it spin much faster.

Round Table

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Round Table

Round Table big Catherine wheels with beautiful effects and speeds up all the way through. If you lubricate the nail, it will help it spin much faster. Our Round Table Catherine wheel is 240mm x 25mm with six tubes to make it spin very fast. The colours are fantastic with Blue, Gold, Green, Silver and Red so that it will bring a smile to all the family including the kids. It is not very loud so would be ideal for children.

There is a nail attached to each of our Catherine wheels, so all you need to do is hammer it into a fence post or a tree. Once you light it, you have about 7 seconds to move away before it starts to spin. Then stand back and watch all the smiley faces young and old. We must recommend a 25m safety distance. Please use some vaseline to lubricate the nail so that the catherine wheel will spin faster.

These are quiet fireworks for sale and ideal for young children.

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