Garden fireworks for sale all year round with a firework safety distance of 8m. They are great in a small garden but still have fantastic firework effects.

Not everyone has the luxury of a large garden. But don’t let this stop you from putting on a jaw-dropping fireworks display! With one of our Garden Fireworks boxes, size does not have to be an issue, as they contain everything you need to impress. All you require is a garden big enough for you to stand 8m (or 25 feet) away from the fireworks and they will do the rest. Each of the new (CAT2) 8m Garden Fireworks have been designed for use in a small space. So all we ask you to do is keep back until they have fully gone out. The fireworks come in a range of colours and effects that shoot high into the night sky. The sound is also an important part of the firework experience. You can hear crackles, fizzles, screams and whistles as they tower above you.

A variety of different firework packages are available for your small garden, so the only problem you will have is being spoilt for choice!

You can buy our fireworks online and watch all our fireworks videos on their product pages.

Watch our firework videos and see for yourself what great products we have to offer.

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