Thunder King Super Loud Fireworks Mine From Ghengis Fireworks

Thunder King

£34.99 £14.95

Thunder King is a 100mm Ground Mine for the people that love Loud Fireworks this is amazing, it is our new version of Ultimate Fear with 180g of powder.

Thunder King


Thunder King 4" Ground Mine Extremely Loud Firework from Ghengis Fireworks on Vimeo.

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Thunder King

Thunder King is a 100mm wide ground mine standing 480 mm tall ( LOUD FIREWORKS ). It has 180g of powder making it the most powerful consumer ground mines in the UK. You will find it EXTREMELY Loud Fireworks with 120 decibels coming out of it, and you’ll feel the shock wave. This is our new version of the Ultimate Fear bigger and better so be prepared.

This is probably the loudest fireworks that a consumer can buy in the UK.

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