Selection boxes have many fireworks inside including rockets, fountains, Catherine wheels, firework mines, roman candles, sparklers, cakes and so much more.

Our Selection boxes cater to everyone’s tastes when it comes to putting on a fireworks display. So why not try one of our Fireworks Selection Boxes? They contain all the items you need for an impressive evening of fireworks. Saving you the time and effort of deciding which ones to choose. Firework Rockets, Roman Candles and multi-shot cakes are just some examples of what are included in our boxes. All with an affordable price tag, not all cheap fireworks have to be bad. After all, buying fireworks individually can soon take its toll on your wallet! If you are after a host of different colours, noises and sparkles at your get together, then a fireworks selection box is certainly the product for you.

With any fireworks display, it is essential that you read the disposal instructions carefully after the event has finished. Keeping well clear of the fireworks while they are lit is also crucial to everybody’s safety.just follow the guidance provided on the packaging. Just follow the guidance provided on the packaging.

Now watch our firework videos and see for yourself what great products we have to offer.

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