Pulse Selection Box Has 37 Pieces Inside, Rockets, Roman Candles, Fountains, Sparklers And A Multi Shot Cake SIB Cat2 5m (16ft) Garden Fireworks For Sale.

Pulse Selection Box

£71.99 £29.95

Pulse selection box has 37 pieces inside, rockets, roman candles, fountains, sparklers and a multi shot cake SIB cat2 5m (16ft) garden fireworks for sale.


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Pulse Selection Box

Firstly this selection box has 37 garden fireworks inside, rockets, roman candles, fountains, sparklers and a multi-shot cake. These are SIB cat2 fireworks 5m (16ft). Pulse is ideal for a family with small children.

Secondly, these garden fireworks are safe in a small garden. There are so many different fireworks inside, and it is not too loud so won’t frighten the children.

Finally, watch our firework videos and see for yourself what great products we have to offer.

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