Single ignition fireworks for sale and Ghengis Fireworks have the biggest 1.3g fireworks in the UK. These are perfect for any fireworks display.

SIB barrages single ignition fireworks, barrages that are safe in a small garden with a safety distance of 8m. And then we have the bad boys which have a safety distance of 25m from where the spectators are standing. These barrages come into their own when you want that big effect in the sky from 13 shot, to 500 shots all from one firework barrage. Just light it once and stand well back to see the beautiful colours and effects in the sky.

Each of the firework bursts will be well over 80ft high. And the different diameter tubes will give you different size bursts. So the 30mm tubes will give you the biggest explosions and a lot louder than the smaller tubes.

Now watch our firework videos and see for yourself what great products we have to offer.

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