Executioner Loud Fireworks For Sale By Ghengis Fireworks In Chatham


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Executioner is a SIB single ignition fireworks with a fanned section making it very interesting to watch with 20mm, 25mm and 29mm tubes fireworks for sale.


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Executioner is a SIB with 48 shots which include 20mm, 25mm and 29mm tubes. These give you lots of different effects and even a fanned cake section. These single ignition fireworks have a fanned section, you will need to watch out for overhanging trees. There are so many different effects like these crackling lemon dahlia, silver blinkers then red tails to golden willow, red stars followed by crackling sea blue dahlia, some crackling then blue tails, blue coconuts, blue stars a few crackling purple coconuts followed by green tails, green willows and finally crackling cherries with silver tails and silver whistles. The measurements of this finale firework are 275mm x 255mm x 225mm.

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