Missile Mayhem Is A 300 Shot SIB Single Ignition Fireworks For Sale

Missile Mayhem

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Missile Mayhem is a SIB single ignition barrage with 300 shots and is a quiet firework with a good duration and great in the middle of a fireworks display.

Missile Mayhem

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Missile Mayhem

Missile Mayhem has 300 little missiles going off in quick concession like a machine gun on automatic fire. Each of the tubes is 6mm in diameter, and when you fire it, there are gold streaks of light. They cover the night sky and seems to last for such a long time. This firework is a great gap filler for any fireworks display reaching heights of over 100ft whistling and crackling into the sky. We recommend a 25m (80ft) safety distance between this firework and your guests, so they stay safe.

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