Sparklers come in many different colours Gold or Silver Monster Sparklers at discount fireworks prices from Ghengis Fireworks for sale all year round.

They are a must have for any firework display. Not only are they great for kids, but are also a timeless favourite among adults. People of all ages will love being able to write their name against the night sky with our range of dazzling sparkler colours!

They are available in two different sizes. The 10in have around 20 seconds burn time, compared to 40 seconds for the 18in versions.

No matter which ones you choose, it is essential that you wear gloves while using them. And have a bucket of water nearby just in case.

Another safety measure you will need is portfires. They are ideal at lighting fireworks from a distance. Matches should never be used as they burn out too quickly – portfires, on the other hand, will stay lit for four to five minutes, giving you plenty of time to set off your fireworks safely.

Now watch our firework videos and see for yourself what great products we have to offer.

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